Here it is, the first of the episodes weve all been waiting for. Here is the beginning of Superman: The Movie month, a 5-episode celebration of the genre-creating Superman: The Movie.

So here is episode 115 of the Man of Screen podcast as Mike Zummo will be joined by Brian Hughes, one of his cohorts on “Fear the Walking Deadcast” and one of the co-hosts of “3rd Degree Byrne” on the network and Patrick Delmore, who you can find in select episodes of “Weekly Heroics” and off the network on “The Next Generations First Generation” podcast.

They will start with the beginning of Superman: The Movie from the opening credits until Chapter 10 on the theatrical cut Blu-ray or Chapter 11 on the Directors Cut or Extended Cut Blu-Rays.

Theyll discuss the death of Krypton, Supermans arrival on Earth and all the important young Clark milestones reached in this section of the movie.

There will also be some discussion of what may or may not have influenced John Byrnes “Man of Steel” miniseries in 1986.

So sit back, plug In your earbuds and lets take a trip 40 years into the past for the beginning of “Superman: The Movie” Month.

Also, some feedback and a link Mike promised to the Power Records “Attack of the Killer Bees” story provided by Dave McElvenney:

Next time: Superman: The Movie Month continues with special guests, Bob Fisher, Dario Gonzalez, Aaron Henley and J. David Weter.

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