In episode 118 of the Man of Screen podcast, Superman: The Movie Month continues with the completion of coverage of the completion of Superman: The Movie.

And to finish off the main coverage of the film, Mike Zummo will be joined by network Twitter keeper and fellow podcaster Gene Hendricks and one of the original Two True Freaks, Scott Gardner.

Follow them as they discuss the end of the movie. Theyll cover the showdown with Luthor, the Earthquake, the missiles, the decisions the consequences – or lack thereof – of any and all actions taken in the film.

Also theyll have an answer to the question no one though to ask before now: What does Otis have in common with Harley Quinn?

Sit back and enjoy the conclusion of coverage of “Superman: The Movie”.

Next time: Mike will welcome back his childhood friend, Tom Benya, to the show and they will discuss the extended cut of “Superman: The Movie”.

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