In episode 143 Mike Zummo will be joined by Patrick Delmore and Dario Gonzalez to discuss the 1984 feature film, “Supergirl”, introducing Helen Slater in the leading role.

What did these three middle-aged men think of Helen Slaters performance in the title role? Was this a movie that was worth watching or was it a cash grab on the part of the Salkinds trying to milk every last dollar out of the Superman rights?

Hear them ramble about their Supergirl origins, and then discuss the film itself. Did they enjoy the film, or did they want to gouge their eyes out with icepicks?

Also, did this movie retcon the concept of the Phantom Zone as it was presented in the first two Superman movies?

So, come a listen and put your headphones on as unlike the movie, this episode is not safe for work, well mostly not.

Next time: After another week off, Mike will head into the final season of Superfriends when he begins discussing “The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians” with “The Seeds of Doom”, “The Ghost Ship” and “The Bizarro Super Powers Team”.

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