In episode 145 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo will reach the halfway mark of his coverage of “The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians.”

First, Darkseid is hatching a plot. Hes going to replace Wonder Womans on-and-off boyfriend Steve Trevor because he wants to know what Steves got that he doesnt.

Its more than just looks.

But Darkseid has an additional plot. What does he want with this satellite and what did the team forget to do during this episode?

How will the Super Powers Team defeat “The Darkseid Deception”.

Then were going to travel to Gotham City, and were getting to get a look into Batmans psychology. We are going to find out what the Caped Crusader is afraid of?

How will the Scarecrow use it?

What does it have to do with the death of the Waynes?

Lets go face “The Fear”.

Next time: The Wild Cards and then a pair of 11-minute episodes: “The Brainchild” and “The Case of the Stolen Super Powers”.

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