The Dark Phoenix Saga begins here!!!

Well actually it began back in the late 70s. But we here at 3rd Degree Byrne want you to enjoy the saga like it is happening right now. You know, like if a movie was made about it. What? They made a movie about it? Twice? Did they get it right?

I didnt think so!

Seriously, if you want something done right around here, you get the Russos or HBO to do it.

Now, back to the Dark Phoenix Saga! What you have here is the beginning to an event never before seen at 3rd Degree Byrne.

A multi-part EPIC!!

Ok, weve done the multi-part X-men thing in the past, but this is EPIC!!!

We will cover X-Men 135 in our first Dark Phoenix episode. And because it was so important, we brought in some interns to do the heavy lifting. Thats right, listeners and frequent email and Facebook stalkers John Hijatt and David Thompson will guest star in each episode as we cover the Dark Phoenix Saga to the bitter end.

Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes are still around as well. They go back in time, to a younger age and talk about their initial experience with this issue. Drinking game: Take a drink each time someone mentions the name of a convenience or Drug Store. Two drinks if they mention “Spinner Racks”.

Get those drinks ready folks, because 3rd Degree Byrne is about to show you fire, and life incarnate, as they begin coverage of “The Dark Phoenix Saga”.

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