The Dark Phoenix Saga continues here!!! Again!!!

Just like we promised last week, here is part two of 3rd Degree Byrnes coverage of X-Men 137, “The Fate of the Phoenix”. In our last episode, we only got half way through the book, as it was double sized and man, can we talk. Seriously, did any of us know when to shut up?

I didnt think so!

Anyway, with the new X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, being released into theaters by Fox a few weeks ago, we figured we should show you how its really done.

And now, just like the Dark Phoenix Saga was in the comic books, 3rd Degree Byrne has now become

A multi-part EPIC!!

We will cover the last half of X-Men 138 in our Fourth Dark Phoenix episode. And to be consistent, we let the interns out of their cages to do the heavy lifting again. Listeners and frequent email and Facebook stalkers John Hijatt and David Thompson help as we cover the Dark Phoenix Saga to the bitter end.

Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes are still around as well. Though Brian is almost late for every recording as he has to walk Fifi every night(Mandate from Chris Honeywell as proxy from Dufeaux).

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