Здравствуйте и добро пожаловать, товарищи, на аудио волны нового эпизода БРБЮК шоу.

It’s a red alert for BRB UK this week as Coleman is away working his secret job, meaning that DanTim are in need of a third chair. have no fear though dear listener, as we’ve raided the voices of Geek Speak (which you should be checking out if you’ve not already) once again to bring you the lovely Alex.

On the chopping block we call an agenda this week:

  • Sports Direct buys into Game.

  • Amazon makes another move on the video game market.

  • Destiny 2 Beta pre-load starts NAOW!

  • Gran Turismo Sport gets a ‘final’ release date.

  • Dan’s on the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds & SUPERHOT.

  • Tim plays some Tekken 7 before joining Alex for That’s You!


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