The Holibobby-Jim-Jams are over as Dan, Tim and Coleman have all returned to take their rightful place as your favourite video game podcast… from the UK… on… that’s still going.

We have newly released titles Dredge and Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story this week, along with Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase and more news than you could throw a German Sausage at.

Time Stamps

  • 00:00:00 Start
  • 00:00:14 Intro
  • 00:04:07 The Super Mario Bros. Movie (and the other one)
  • 00:07:59 Dredge
  • 00:15:36 Coleman’s Steam Deck Travels
  • 00:17:31 Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story
  • 00:30:06 Basically News: Sony Acquires Firewalk Studios
  • 00:31:55 Bowser released from Prison
  • 00:34:21 Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase
  • 00:46:42 Irongate being sued by Nexon
  • 00:50:59 Another delay for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
  • 00:51:22 Niantic announces Monster Hunter Now
  • 00:53:38 SEGA to purchase Rovio
  • 00:55:42 Atari acquires over 100 classic video game IPs
  • 00:57:57 Check out our merch at
  • 00:58:42 Tabletop Tuesday at Loading Stoke Newington
  • 01:04:19 Outro

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