UKE BOX 145 – Goldberg Variations

original broadcast date: Nov. 23, 2016

File today’s show under comedy.


1. Antie Maggie’s Remedy (1941) by George Formby
2. Ukuleles of Love by by Uke Goldberg
3. I Can’t Write This Song by Uke Goldberg
4. Santa Shops at Goodwill by Uke Goldberg
5. That Holiday by Uke Goldberg
6. Weird Al – Ebay by Jazzbanjorex
7. Weird Al – I Think I’m a Clone Now by Jazzbanjorex
8. Weird Al – White and Nerdy by Sky Widows
9. Weird Al – One More Minute by Giddy N’ Gleeful
10. Adele – Skyfall parody (in the style of George Formby) Flyfall by Walter Miller
13. “Martinitzi, Martinitza” by Ben’s Ukulele Road Trip from the Bulgaria Album
14. Come on a Ukulele Road Trip by Ben’s Ukulele Road Trip
15. The Leva by Ben’s Ukulele Road Trip
16. Buzludzha (Live in Buzludzha Monument) by Ben’s Ukulele Road Trip
17. Koprivshtitsa by Ben’s Ukulele Road Trip
18. Swimming in the Black Sea by Ben’s Ukulele Road Trip
19. Weird Al Yankovic Ukulele Medley by Giddy N’ Gleeful — medley of songs spanning the entire career of “Weird Al” Yankovic (one song per album), played on the ukulele.

Special thanks to Uke Goldberg (

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