UKE BOX 110 – Murder Plays a Ukulele

(original broadcast date: October 21, 2015)

Today it’s a killer playlist — murder ballads and “ukulele noir” on UKE BOX the all ‎ukulele radio show.


1. Alfred Hitchcock theme by Sawlon
2. Arrogant Worms — Carrot Juice is Murder by Uke in the Heart of Texas
3. Down in the Willow Garden aka Rose Connelly by Ben Mealer
4. Camera Obscura — Away with Murder by Sonia Maral
5. Nick Thorburn – Serial Podcast theme by Al Wood.
6. The Maltese Ukulele (original) by Caruso Caruke
7. Avett Brothers — Murder in the City by bfreistr
8. States and Empires — Murder on Neville Street by Ukudaily
9. Staggerlee by Uke Val
10 Stack O’ Lee by Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike)
11. Beatles — Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by Tony Clifton
12. NOFX — Murder the Government by Jordan D. White


UKE BOX is the all ukulele radio show on Trent Radio 92.7FM in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada with your host Lester Alfonso. It’s recorded live every Wednesday at 5pm.