UKE BOX 152 – Ukulele Love Stories

(original broadcast date: February 15, 2017)

Love on their minds and ukuleles in their arms.


1. I Love a Ukulele (1930) by Annette Hanshaw
2. Like Two in Love by Abe Lagrimas, Jr.
3. Lucy & Fred by Jim Beloff
4. Satellite of Love by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
5. Chasing Love by Victoria Vox
6. Lover by Al Canopin
7. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (1928) by Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike)
8. Ukuleles of Love by Uke Goldberg
9. Love Song #47.1 by Ukulele Jim
10. (If I Could Only) Keep Your Love [Sneaky Mix] by Ukulele Jim
11. Take Your Love with Me (The Ukulele Song) by Sophie Madeleine
12. Ukulele Love Song by Georgia May
13. Love Song 2009 by Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
14. I Can’t Believe that You’re in Love with Me (1927) by Johnny Marvin
15. I’d Love to Call You My Sweetheart (1926) by Johnny Marvin
16. Everly Brothers – Bye Bye Love by Joe Silver and Jessica Silver
17. That’s What Love Will Do (live) by Joe Brown
18. Crazy in Love by Ukebox

Ukulele Vibes by Abe Lagrimas, Jr.
For The Love of Uke by Jim Beloff
Live in London #1 (Live) by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Vox Ukulele Cello by Victoria Vox
Legends of the Ukulele 2: Hawaiian Masters by Various Artists
Novel Tease by Uke Goldberg
Kickstarted! by Ukulele Jim
Love.Life.Ukulele by Sophie Madeleine
The Good Feeling Music of Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele
Edison 1920s Jazz Vocals with Ukulele (1925 – 1927) by Various Artists
Legends of the Ukulele – Hawaiian Masters by Various Artists
The Ukulele Album by Joe Brown
Ukebox, Vol. 1 by Ukebox

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