UKE BOX 125 – Ukulele Moon

(original broadcast date: March 23, 2016)

An all ukulele playlist with songs with “moon” in the title by James Hill, The Hound + The Fox, Cliff Edwards, Ian Whitcomb, Ralph Shaw, Johnny Marvin, Lyle Ritz, Taimane, and more.


1. No Moon At All by Lyle Ritz
2. The Moon Song (from Her) by The Hound + The Fox
3. It’s Only a Paper Moon by Ralph Shaw
4. Me and the Man in the Moon (1929) by Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike)
5. I’ll Sit Right on the Moon (Studio) by Ian Whitcomb
6. Half a Moon (Recorded 1926) by Johnny Marvin
7. Under the Moon (with Aileen Stanley) by Johnny Marvin and Ed Smalle
8. New Moon by James Hill
9. Moon by Taimane

The Cat’s Meow – Ukulele Favorites from the Roaring Twenties by Ian Whitcomb
Edison 1920s Jazz Vocals with Ukulele (Recorded 1925-1927)
King of the Ukulele by Ralph Shaw
No Frills – Jazz Ukulele and Bass by Lyle Ritz
The Old Silo by James Hill
‘Ukulele Dance by Taimane
Vintage Rare – Ukulele Ace by Johnny Marvin

UKE BOX is the all ukulele radio show on Trent Radio 92.7FM in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada with your host Lester Alfonso. It’s recorded live every Wednesday at 5pm.