7 Advice to choose the dishes and wine for your dinner party 

After Thanksgiving, Umbert has now enough time to think about the holidays season.

He is going to invite his best friends and family for dinner at home.

Umbert loves the holiday season. This is, with summer, the best time of the year. It is very relaxing, full of emotions and love.

He gives you 7 advice to choose the dishes and wine for your dinner party at home.

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« Real cooking is a form of art, a gift to share,” Oprah Winfrey, American producer

Think about your meal for several days in advance to be relaxed.

Privilege a menu and seasonal, local and organic products.

Remember to consider the nationality and religion of the guests. You cannot impose foods proscribed by religion.

1) The aperitif

The aperitif is usually taken outside the table, in the living room or own the garden terrasse.

It’s a good idea to make a homemade cocktail, but also to offer a range of classic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

2) The entrance

The entrance must be light. It can be presented on plates when sitting at the table to avoid clutter.

3) The main course

The main course, fish or meat, must be light. Avoid some dishes that are too heavy or have a very particular taste.

4) The cheese/salad

Here is the ideal cheese plate:

  • Hard dough (Gruyère, Comté, Beaufort).
  • Soft dough (Camembert, Brie, Munster).
  • Goat cheese.
  • A marbled paste (Blue, Roquefort, to serve with a little butter).

The cheese must be served at home temperature.

If you serve salad and cheese at the same time, plan a large plate.

5) The bread

Cut it into large chunks and slanted.

Present two baskets on the table with a matching towel at the bottom.

6) The dessert

It is inversely proportional to the heaviness of the meal.

7) The wines

Here we give only a few basic tips.

Every wine has its type of glass.

During a meal consisting of several dishes, two kinds of wine are in principle offered from the lightest to the strongest.


  • White wines before the reds.
  • Dry wines before mellowness.
  • The youngest before the older ones.

The more meat is raised, the more powerful the wine. The finer it is, the lighter it is.

Decantation: it is linked to the grape, the vintage, the region, and the winegrower.

If you are not a connoisseur, ask the wine merchant.

Champagne :

  • Keep it cool 48 hours before opening.
  • The younger it is, the more it must be drunk cold, in a 2/3 flute.
  • Avoid blowing the cap.
  • Connoisseurs turn the bottle and not the cap until the carbon dioxide escapes whistling.

With those easy 7 advice to choose the dishes and wine for your dinner party at home, Umbert can handle any invitation at home.

He loves having his friends and family at home.

In December in Paris, the City Of Lights, where the holiday season is magic!

What you should remember: follow those 7 advice, and take it easy. The simplest the better. Always match the food with the wines, and don’t forget to create your home cocktail to impress your guest, it will be fun!

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Enjoy the journey!

Umbert De Paris

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