How to leave the party in style

The dinner is over; the coffee is served, you have to know when to leave according to the New Etiquette.

Entering the room and make a fantastic impression is very important to be irresistible.

However, leaving the party in style too, so they remember you.

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« Paris is a party,» Ernest Hemingway, writer.

1) General rules

When Umbert is invited, he always observes the other guests know when he should leave.

So, when all the other guests have already left, he knows it’s time to thank the hosts and call a taxi back home.

French like parties that end at a late hour. However, when you see the host is tired, you know it’s time to leave.

He stays just if the hosts ask for it, especially if the conversation is passionate.

Sometimes Umbert also invites friends. He rents one of the fantastic reception rooms of a Parisian palace. He likes The Ritz; for example, it remembers him the 90’s and the crazy parties there. He wants his guests to enjoy their evening until the end, so he remains cheerful and warm, even if it lasts until the early morning. He then accompanies his guests and thanks them for coming. Isn’t it all the charm of Paris and the French way of life?

2) Leaving the table

First, watch for the first signs of trouble or fatigue in the guests or hosts. On weekdays, think of the hosts who work the next day.

You cannot leave until the hostess (housewife) has stood up first, followed by the host (husband) and the other men who should push out the chairs of their neighbors.

Then place your unfolded towel on the right side of the plate.

Leave as discreetly as possible.

3) What to say

Do not leave without greeting or thanking the hosts.

A compliment to the hostess is always welcome.

Greet the other guests only if they get up too.

If it is very late, and there are still several guests, you can address a collective “Good night,” and warmly greet the hosts.

4) The next days

No matter the quality of the evening, you must thank the hostess the next day, by phone or with a thank you card.

It is imperative to invite the hosts in the next 1 to 2 months.

If you met people you like, invite them for the first time too.

Paris and its parties, Ernest Hemingway, is right: « Paris is a party.»

Now you know How to leave the party in style.

The dandy-chic, the laughs, the music, it’s always fun, and Umbert and his male friends like to go there to seduce the pretty girls. Still in style!

What must be remembered: the way you leave is as meaningful as the way you enter a room. Do it in style, thank the hosts, make a compliment, leave discreetly saying a general « Good night » most of the time.

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Enjoy the journey!

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