Tonight Georges, who is one of Umbert’s best friend, has a date at Les 2 Magots in Paris.

Georges is a little stress and need more advice from Umbert to be more confident.

Umbert likes to help his friends. That’s why he writes about Date.

Benefits of this coaching :

  • Best methodology to become irresistible
  • An innovative technique to unleash your charisma
  • Learn the new etiquette & manners
  • A better lifestyle

“What we encounter in life is destiny. The way we meet her is a personal effort,” Sathya Sai Baba.

1) Before the date

  1. Check your clothing. Wear clean clothes. It seems obvious, but it’s better to remember. Avoid right away: dirty t.shirt, a jean with holes, dirty shoes, heels damaged, soles with holes (yes, people look at your feet if you do not know how to sit!). Wear simple clothes that enhance, where you feel natural and comfortable.
  2. Of course, you will have also taken care of your physical cleanliness (hair, nails, skin).
  3. Do not wear too much perfume.
  4. Speak in front of your mirror once ready. It will give you insurance.
  5. Forget all your worries;otherwise do not go there.

Nothing beats an “arrival” smiling, relaxed, with a confident attitude.

2) During the date

Turn off your cell phone.

Always be natural, charming and courteous.

Do not talk about your work, trouble, family, breakup.

Ask questions; women love to be listen.

Stay relaxed; it’s a party.

Dominate your shyness.

Smile and look her in her eyes.

Do not cut the floor.

When talking, avoid “me I,” and prefer, “I think that” or “it seems to me,” “in my opinion.”

If you feel an attraction, you can touch her arm while talking.

Specify what you are looking for in the relationship.

The difficulty is to talk about your qualities, without putting too much value.

Remember that women don’t like:

  • Men who show off, and talk about everything they are supposed to possess.
  • The stubborn who talks about money, and especially how to save it. Attention! It is you Sir who must pay the totality of the bill.
  • The false intellectual who pretends to know everything.
  • The seducer who enumerates his conquests and considers himself already a winner.
  • The obsessed who talks about sex constantly.
  • The unfortunate man with whom from the first sentence we are in the drama.

3) What men don’t like:

The hyper-liberated woman, often unstable.

Those who do not respect your private life. She is always listening to you and doing everything you want.

The authoritarian: Either we obey, or we leave!

The agitated who lists all the activities she does.

The depressive who lives in problems

The snobbish looking only for a comfortable material life. Do you have enough money to pay for her lavish lifestyle?

Georges is so happy to get that quick advice before tonight date.

He now feels more confident and will enjoy the party for sure.

What to remember: do not try to change your style at the first appointment. Stay natural, if you play a role, she will see it immediately! In any case, if your usual style does not please, it is not worth going further.

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Enjoy the journey! 

Umbert De Paris

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