Following a beautiful evening at Diane’s, Umbert must thank her for her invitation.

Say « thank you » is part of the international Savoir-Vivre. It also helps to maintain cordial relationships. It is a form of respect.

The fact that you decline or accept an invitation is not the problem, but you have to thank, that’s the most important.

Thank you, Dear! Here is a Process on how to thank.

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“Politeness is for the mind what grace is for the face,” Voltaire, French philosopher.

1) What are the different types of “Thank you.”

  • The automatic “thank you,” for example at a shopkeeper. It’s the one you use automatically.
  • “Thank you,” says with his heart, to a friend or someone who is helping you.
  • The “thank you” for an invitation, that’s the one we are talking about.
  • The hypocrite or forced « thank you,» try to avoid it, find a real excuse instead of playing.

2) Thank you before the party

Answer as soon as possible to accept or refuse an invitation, in the 24 hours.

Answer through the same canal as the invitation.

So if it’s a card, answer with a card, if it’s online, answer online.

The card must be white, the ink color blue or black, stay neutral. Nevertheless, if you are a real artist, you can create something for the host.

Show that you are pleased to be invited.

Never asked if you can bring someone with you unless it’s a friends party.

If you are on a diet, that’s not a problem, just let the host know before. Same for allergies.

If you are a couple, don’t forget to mention the other person.

3) Thank you during the party

Please arrive 15 minutes after the official beginning of the party, and adapt your style to the dress code, it shows that you respect the host. Too early may disturb the host, too late is not respectful for the others.

Thank the host with a gift: chocolates for dinner, wine, flowers or something more personal if they are friends like a coffee table book.

If the host has children, bring something for the kids, the all family will appreciate.

You can send the gift before you arrive, bring it, or send it the next day.

Regarding the flowers, the best is to go to a beautiful flower shop and ask for some advice describing the host. Always stay neutral and chic. Add a thank you card.

After dinner, leaving, thank your hosts for this beautiful evening. Make a compliment on the housekeeper’s attire, the lunch or the bouquets are always welcome.

For a particular moment such as a wedding or a baptism, things are more a protocol. You have to first thank with a card, then send a gift with another card.

Don’t make any gift if it is just a cocktail party. A thank you card will be enough.

4) After the party

Call your host the next day to thank, or send a handwritten « thank you » card. 

Avoid the email; it is less friendly.

If you were the host, thank the guests for coming. Say a big thank you for the flowers, wines or chocolates they offered.

You have one month to thank everybody if it’s a wedding or a baptism.

5) How to decline

You can answer that you thank the host for the invitation, you are pleased to be invited, but unfortunately. Never lie (people always find out later when you do), find something logic.

Always decline with a written card if possible, or a call.

If you are a couple, don’t forget to mention the other person. You both decline.

Umbert is now eager to return to Paris, where every evening a new invitation to a fabulous party amuses him. 

The glamorous Paris, this city of glamorous parties amazes him every day.

Thank you, Dear! He will be able to use this Process on how to thank, more and more.

What must be remembered: the most important is to thank in the 24 hours, never lie, use a written card if possible, and bring a gift.

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Enjoy the journey!

Umbert De Paris

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