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Greetings Novem-beers! Break out the tinnies! Turning chilly now with a bit of snow. Except there's a heatwave in Canada when we join Gramster for our usual Transatlantic joint chat show with more brilliant music than you can shake a leg at. Eh?

The language barrier strikes again but this time it's a Welsh challenge. Makes a change. Fortunately Mal is on the ball and comes prepared (thank youCalan). Australian is a bit easier but there again we only had to pronounce the artists' names. No problem.

Brand new stuff from Faustus and Jim Moray, and a bit of Morris tuneage.

Just to say the Fatea Showcases current download is available until the end of December 2016.

That's it really .......... see you in December! Byee!

1) Leveret - The Rising Sun
2) Realta - The Longford Weaver
3) Cloudstreet - Dance Up the Sun
4) Jim Moray - Fair Margaret and Sweet William
5) Wind That Shakes the Barley - Seventeen Come Next Sunday
6) Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton - Erin-Go-Bragh/Rakish Paddy
7) Nancy Kerr - Seven Notes
8) Faustus - Adieu to Bon County
9) Calan - Fflopsi Mopsi (Merch y Tafarnwr/Mopsi Don/Dawns y Tylwyth Teg)
10) Hannah Saunders & Ben Savage - Lady Margaret
11) Talisk - Abyss