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Greetings double showers!  We missed August completely. Where did it go?Best explain the picture first. We had such fun talking about the Basque country (see track11), and the misinterpretation, plus our ancestors' delectation over string vests (remember them?) that it was automatic when the picture was discussed. Phew!Once again Gramie struggles with Gaelic pronunciation. No change there then.Somehow we mention Tom Jones. Not unusual.Two foreign bands coming over here and playing their music! Very welcome indeed.And more submissions get air play. See? It works!Also pleased to announce that we are now on the Greentrax Recordings distribution list. They are one of the top labels for Scottish trad music.Thanks to all the other show presenters for sharing new music, and specifically Liverpool's Radio Broadgreen who broadcast our show to all their patients every Friday night. I bet they can't wait to get out of hospital.1) Usher's Island - The Half Century Set Cara Dillon - Moorlough Mary Ryan Young - Smilin Katie/The White House of Shieldaig   www.ryanyoung.scot4) The Changing Room - Zephania Job   www.thechangingroommusic.com5) Broom Bezzums - Keep Hauling   www.broombezzums.com6) Devil's Water - High Germany Alan Reid & Rob van Sante - Lady Kilmarnock's Lament   www.reidvansante.com8) Smalltalk - Cumha Coire A'cheathaich Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns - Sweet Lemeny   https://timjonesmusic.com10) Naragonia - Hellebore/Too Late To Sleep Korrontzi - Sardos Matt Tighe - Meantime/Killarney Boys of Pleasure/The Rose in the Garden