It's a modern adventure story against a timeless backdrop – the deep, rolling solitude of the ocean. In his trip around the globe, Erden Eruç traveled by bike and by foot, but mostly by boat – propelling himself forward with only the strength of his own arms. It was a life-changing, record-breaking mission, filled with the kind of adventure and adrenaline that can be hard to leave behind when normal life comes rushing up to replace it.

This story was produced by Alex Ashley, an independent radio producer based in Bellingham, Washington.

Erden Eruç finished his trip around the globe in 2012, and now lives in Seattle. He continues to row, explore, break records, and win awards. You can find more information about his ongoing adventures – and Around-n-Over, the nonprofit he founded, here.

Erden Eruç on his boat
Courtesy of Alex Ashley

Erden Eruç
Courtesy of Alex Ashley

Erden Eruç with his boat
Courtesy of Alex Ashley