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213Rock Harrag Melodica Podcast 07 12 2020

Intro 213Rock

Queensrÿche Guardian
Evergrey Forever Outsider 
Tungsten Tundra 
Live Interview with Niklas Johansson of Tungsten 
Tungsten King of Shadow
Iron Savior Welcome to the New World 
Iron Mask One Against All 
Live Interview with Dushan Petrossi of Iron Mask 
Iron Mask Tree of the World 
Majestica  Ghost of Christmas Present 
Madama Rock Harrag Melodica #RockNews 
Scorpions The Beast is Yet to Come 
Junkyard Drive Let it Burn 
John Diva & and the Rocket Love 
American Amadeus 
The Hu Sad But True 
Bad Wolves Learn to Walk Again Acoustic 
Michael Borman Anymore 
Eclipse Viva la Victoria 
WET Big Boys don't Cry 
Kaasin Revelation