213Rock Podcast Harrag Melodica 03 08 2020

Intro 213Rock

Dynazty Presence of Mind 

Shining Black Feat Mark Boals & Olaf Thorsen The House of Fallen Souls

Thundermother Back in 76 

SmackBound Drive like you Stole  

Ensiferum One with the Sea 

Znous Sidi Arbi 

Firewind Overdrive 

Judas Priest Metal God

Firewind Overdrive 

Warkings Odin's Sons

Oceans of Slumber The Colors of Grace

Steve Grimmett s Gream Ripper What Lies Beneath

Interview with Steve Grimmett 

Steve Grimmett ' s Reaper Venom

Madama Rock Chris Garrel Harrag Melodica 

Primal Fear Raise your Fists 

DreamCatcher Dark is my Soul