213Rock Podcast Harrag Melodica Free App Vinylestimes  13 01 2020

Intro 213Rock

Brothers of Metal Njord 

Korpiklaani Beer Kill Kill 

Black Swan Big Disaster 

Kiss Creatures of the Night 

Pyn Siren Cry Me a River 

Sabaton The Futur of Warfare 

Cyhra Battle from Within 

Mystic Prophecy Eye to Eye

Weapon UK Ghosts of War 

Jorn Hotel California 

Crematory The Downfall

My Dying Bride Your Broken Shore 

Enemy Inside Phoenix 

Almanac Predator 

Madama Rock Doc Olivier + Stephane Brulez #Bady Guitar Tech Ingé Son Myrath Sortilège Archon Angel 

Southern Skies Ritual of Blind Eye

Sylosis Calcified

Evergrey Weightless 

Nibiru Ordeal Demons & Angels

Oceans Hope