Veteran audio engineer and Senior Technician at WQED Al Lawyer recently turned 85 so the station dedicated its fall fundraiser to him.  Al started with WQED in 1966 having previously worked for an AM station in West Virginia and working with audio in the military.  He soldered every wire in the months that led to radio sign on in January of 1973. The station moved twice within the building so the wires all had to be done again. Al went on countless remotes including The Three Rivers Piano Competition while working as the sound engineer for at least a season of Mr Roger Neighborhood. In this conversation with Jim Cunningham he discusses how much he admired the work of colleagues Jay Conley, Tom Ammons and Dave Tepe plus managers Jack Sommers and  Ceci Sommers. Al felt his TV colleagues were hesitant about working for the classical radio station with no pictures and disliked early automation equipment which sometimes had a mind of its own.  Al recalls working at Heinz Hall to record the Pittsburgh Symphony, climbing the catwalk high above the stage as in Phantom of the Opera  and listening to several orchestra broadcasts from other cities with principal players of the Pittsburgh to determine the best microphone placement. Cleveland was the model!  Al recorded a pledge pitch too which guarantees immortality.