On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss the crazy month that was April for video game sales. Final Fantasy VII Remake takes the top spot inevitably, but even wilder is the three major console makers all had a ridiculous month, is it something we could see sustained in May as well? Or is this all due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plus, future games are a big theme for this week as another expo was announced with Japanese publishers taking center stage on June 23rd for the New Game + expo. Sony plans on revealing its lineup of PlayStation 5 games soon.

While The Embracer Group and Take-Two each reveal that they have a ton of games in development. The duo explore what could the Take-Two studios be making and could The Embracer Group really buy even more studios?

We also take a fun look at the past with our favorite Arcade games in celebration of Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary Minecraft DLC.


Games We’ve Been Playing:

Snowrunner (3:40)
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (4:05)
Kirby Games (6:40)
Vanquish (7:50)
Oculus Quest stuff (9:30)
Games out this week (10:20)


April 2020 is huge for game sales (12:00)
Valorant goes public June 2 2020 (16:15)
New Game Expo + Hits June 23 2020 (17:45)
Ubisoft teases Scott Pilgrim game returning (21:18)
Call of Duty 2020 based on Cold War time period (28:10)
System Shock 3 Transferred to Tencent, plus some Wonderful 101 and The Bouncer talk (32:35)
Sony Teases Announcing Games and more news on the Dualsense controller (38:50)
Take-Two Interactive and The Embracer Group announce they have a ton of games in development (42:10)
Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Celebration (57:28)

Special Topic:

Favorite Arcade Games (59:27)

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