On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss Sean’s adventure with Xbox Series X pre orders (he did get one), and how this could be a much better process for everyone. the cost of Next-Gen SSD Drives and why it is really an overblown non-issue.

Also, Surprise! Microsoft bought Bethesda, which raises their amount of internal studios to 23 and leaves gamers everywhere stunned. The guys discuss what this means for Xbox as a brand, if Gamepass is now must-have, some of the possibilities for future games, and of course they weigh in on the actual exclusivity of the games. Is there a chance that games show up on the PlayStation 5 as well?

Plus, Amazon also announces a new game streaming platform called Amazon Luna. Could this finally be the one that hits it big without having to be tied to a console like X-Cloud? Or will it just be another Google Stadia instead.

Also, the duo talk about the Mass Effect Remaster, Final Fantasy XVI coming sooner than you think, a Yakuza movie, and wonder about the latest rumors on a new Nintendo direct.

Marc also has more to say about Hades and Mario 3D All-Stars, while Sean goes on a rant about WWE 2K Battlegrounds pointing out both the good and bad about the game.

Time Stamps:


Sean tells his story about pre ordering a Xbox Series X and trying to pre order a PlayStation 5 online through Gamestop (0:00)

Major Topics:

The heavy price of next-gen SSD’s (11:08)

Microsoft Buys Bethesda (16:25)

To Upgrade or Not Upgrade Spider-Man (35:35)


Final Fantasy XVI Coming Possibly in 2021 (42:55)
Nier Replicant Gets Western Release Date (48:18)
Mass Effect Remasters Coming at Some Point (50:30)
Among Us Getting More Content (54:57)
Amazon Luna is Announced (57:35)
SEGA may make a Yakuza movie (1:04:00)

Games We Are Playing:

Mario 3D All-Stars (1:10:20)
Hades (1:12:40)
WWE 2K Battlegrounds (1:14:00)

Fun Topic:

Discussing Some Nintendo Direct Rumors and Upcoming Games 1:28:00)