On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss Narita Boy, Theatrythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival, Dirt 5 and more.

After talking about some games, the duo discuss the closure of the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita online stores. This is a heartfelt topic for Sean from a game preservation perspective and from a digital buyer perspective. There’s a lot of good conversation here about why this is important and if Sony would actually use PlayStation NOW as a way to put more of these libraries on the service, along with some PS3 games you should totally check out and buy before the store shuts down.

There’s also a discussion on why MLB The Show 21 being Day 1 on Game Pass is a big deal beyond just that it is a Sony San Diego developed game. How this is possibly a disruptive strategy that Microsoft and Xbox will continue to employ in the future, and what Sony could do to combat it as well.

Other topics discussed on the show: Microsoft interested in purchasing Discord, Remedy teasing Alan Wake 2 again, a possible Binary Domain remake, Hironobu Sakaguchi may be close to retirement, and much more.

Also major apologies for my (Sean) sound issues on this episode. Due to changing some sound settings for work we didn’t realize until after the recording that I have some popping when I speak. You can still clearly hear me and Marc sounds just fine though.

Thank you as always for listening and hope everyone has a Happy Easter.

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