On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX, hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss the resurgence of PlayStation 5 in the news, as Sony revealed the insides of their next-gen console to the world. However, it didn’t stop there, Sony also finally shared how game saves, game libraries, and PS4 backwards compatibility will work with the system. The guys discuss the interesting tidbits from all of this.

Microsoft also continues to make moves as they made a deal with Gamestop to help stores on the backend. But could it mean more in the future? And will Xbox All-Access having a physical outlet turn some folks towards getting a Xbox Series system. They also talk about the rumors of Series X getting too hot and Gamepass going to IOS through a browser based app. Will Apple actually let that happen?

Sadly, the duo also have to get into the sour side of gaming with people harassing Insomniac’s community manager for the change to Spider-Man’s face. And even worse, journalists are making side stories out of the CD Projekt Red decision to work overtime to finish Cyberpunk 2077.

Sean has some serious thoughts on this. And he also goes into how a certain person is making this much more into a personal agenda and attacking differing opinions, instead of just reporting the situation.

Marc also shares his thoughts on Solitaire Conspiracy and there’s upcoming game talk too.


Games We Are Playing: Solitaire Conspiracy (1:52)


Gamestop layoffs (5:53)

Sony unveils the insides of the PlayStation 5 (9:00)

Xbox Series X Gets Hot (Or Not) (20:15)

Sony finally gives information on PS4 to PS5 transfers (23:45)

Microsoft partners with Gamestop (32:15)

Sony makes changes to trophies and the PSN store on PC and Mobile (42:40)

Microsoft announces Gamepass cloud gaming will be on IOS in 2021 (49:15)

Bethesda releasing collections of their biggest games (51:45)

Gamers get mad at Insomniac for the Spider-Man face change (56:00)

Lab Zero Games is no longer working on indivisible (58:20)

Amazon cancels Crucible completely (59:20)

Avengers falling player base (1:14:22)

Mortal Kombat 11 gets more characters (1:17:25)

Resident Evil Movie reboot gets a cast (1:18:55)

Major Topic:

CD Projekt Red has to crunch for Cyberpunk 2077 And how the main message is getting buried underneath one person’s agenda: (1:03:00)

Upcoming Games (1:24:10)

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