On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison are joined by fellow W2M staffer and host of Chapter Select, Randy Isbelle, and a special guest from the Burn Out Brighter Podcast, Matt (you can follow Matt and the show at https://twitter.com/burnout_matt). Matt is also part of the Kinda Funny Best Friends Creators Network, (which we are also now part of), (you can follow the network at or if you are a creator, streamer, or podcaster go join the discord as well (https://discord.gg/SWyd5eNM)

You can also watch this episode and hopefully future episodes on our Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/TeQze-b9uDU

Things begin with some chatter about everyone’s week and we also get to learn a little bit about Matt himself and The Burn Out Brighter Podcast. What kind of games he enjoys, and his gaming beginnings too.

The guys also talk about playing Resident Evil Village, Returnal, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and New Pokemon Snap.

There is also discussion about the conflict going on in the West Bank especially as it relates to what happened between IGN and Game Informer and their parent companies and how it is great that there is more awareness of what’s happening and the IGN staff letter to their bosses setting a major precedent.

Major Topics on the episode: Game franchises we’ve never played,
Starfield being a 2022 exclusive for Xbox and PC
Ubisoft making more Free to Play Games?
Will PlayStation do anything for E3 2021 and what could they show. What are some of the “15 games” that are being worked on for PlayStation 5?

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How is Everyone Doing: (2:05)
Getting to Know Matt From the Burnout Brighter Podcast (8:45)
Games or Game Franchises We’ve Never Played (16:15)
Games We Are Playing:
Resident Evil Village (29:20) (Randy)
Returnal (33:40) (Matt & Marc)
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (34:50) (Matt & Marc)
New Pokemon Snap (42:10) (Matt & Randy)

Major Topics:

IGN and Game Informer’s fight their corporations in support of Palestine (46:35)
Starfield is Exclusive to Xbox and PC (51:30)
Ubisoft Doing More With Free to Play (1:10:15)
PlayStation Time: The new Dualsense controllers, PSVR 2 Leaks, what PlayStation could do at E3 2021, what are some of their “15 Games” being developed for PS5 (1:17:35)


Google says Stadia is “doing fine” (1:02:10)
Could Steam come to consoles (1:06:30)

The End and Upcoming Games: (1:53:20)


The Burn Out Brighter Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-burn-out-brighter-podcast/id1478742328

Kinda Funny Best Friends Twitter: https://twitter.com/CreatorKfbf

Support Palestine: https://t.co/SiWgXP0Q29?amp=1
Gamespot’s Tamoor Hussain Video: https://youtu.be/g9F4trpHzKo