Join host Harry Broadhurst, Brandon Biskobing, Erik Watkins and Jason Teasley as they present their unique blend of information and humor while looking at the world's of professional and college football.

On this episode: The guys get more or less back to what they usually discuss as Greatest of All Teams continues. We move to the AFC East for this edition, focusing on Buffalo, Miami, New England and the Jets. In addition, the 'Anchorman' Erik Watkins leads discussion on such topics as Taglia Tagoviloa and Caylin Newton transferring, the onside kick rule not being changed (yet) and Ryan Leaf's attempt to be the dumbest ass to ever dumbass.

Tonight episode of The Kickoff is dedicated to Cincinatti Bengals "GoAT" Ken Riley.

All that and much more on this episode of The Kickoff, a presentation of the W2M Network (online at