On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. How does the game differ from the first one? Is it being less open world a good thing? Are people making too much of the random loot boxes? What about the all important Nemesis system? Marc answers all those questions and more.

Sean gives his thoughts on the Octopath Traveler Demo. He also remembers to talk about his play time with Cuphead too.

The guys also get into the news of the week. There's suddenly a big push for VR units. Playstation VR has a new SKU, which makes things a little easier to use. Oculus Rift makers introduce a Go model and lower the price of the main unit. Not to mention, Sony says over 60 games are coming to PSVR over the next 14 months. Why the sudden push? Could it really become a mainstream product? Or is it always destined to be just a way to play?

There's also talk on Andrew House leaving Sony. God Eater 3 announced. Xbox One introducing a gifting program. A Sonic the Hedehog movie being made, Netflix raising prices, and more.

Finally, they discuss the new releases coming out next week.