On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison have to discuss more on the subject of violence in video games. Especially, with news coming out about President Donald Trump meeting with "members of the games industry" next week. Is there really anything that can be changed in the rating system?

Marc also discusses his time with Final Fantasy XV on PC. Fe and a few other games he's played this week.

There's also more gaming type news. Sony wants to focus more on first party games. Don't they do a good job of this already? Activision plans on remastering more old games. However, Sean and Marc have a hard time pinning down just what games they have that could actually go through this. The Yakuza 6 demo take down that caused a stir in the United States. Plus, D.I.C.E. award winners, a Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 3 leak, and more.