Wrestling is an ever evolving thing. the current batch of stars reaches the top, and the new batch replaces them. then the current top stars move on, and someone replaces them. well, except John Cena... but that's another story.

Revolving is the premise for tonight's show, as WU uncovers the debut show of The Wrestling Revolver, a new company out of Iowa, headed up by the Callihan Death Machine, Sami Callihan.

This show was one put off for a bit by Patrick due to some fear that he would let friendship get in the way of an unbiased review. well, and the fear that certain wrestlers wouldn't like critiques and would wae2nt him dead. But, in the end, all is now well, and here we are.

Past meets present in our main event, as Johnny Nitro Morrison Mundo of Lucha Underground takes on Mr. One Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Can Gunn prove what fans have been clamored about for years, that the attitude Era is still the best? or will Mundo force Gunn to the side with current wrestling coming out of top?

Also, a battle of brawlers as Sami Callihan himself takes on an Attitude Era badass in Hardcore Holly. a rough fight awaits us on this match with two guys who know how to use their fists.

And,as always, the Big Finish. what will Harry and Patrick call the best and worst matches of the night? And will be their cash and trash?

Find out all of that and more as WU heads to the home.of the Hawkeyes to talk about the debut show of The Wrestling Revolver.