15 years... 4 superstars... 3 matches...2 titles... 1 Undisputed champion. Fridat December 9th marked the 15th Anniversary of a game-changing night in WWE History. A night there would finally be only one champion, at Vengeance 2001.

A legitimate triple main event greets us here, as there is a one night tournament to crown the Undisputed Champion. First, The Rock defends his World Championship against Chris Jericho. Immediately following, Stone Cold Steve Austin defends his WWE Championship against Kurt Angle. Then, in one final match, the two winners face off until there is only one Undisputed Champion.

But that's not all, as The Dudleys defend their unified Tag Team Titles against Kane and Big Show. and Trish Stratus defends her women's championship against Jacqueline. And, Edge defends his Intercontinental Title against William Regal. needless to say, this is a huge card.

Then, as always, join us for the big finish, where we name our best and worst matches of the show, and our cash and trash of this show.

It's the final pay per view of 2001, and the first pay per view of the Vince McMahon and Ric Flair era of the WWF. 4 men will try to claim one title as WU reviews Vengeance 2001