Join host Harry Broadhurst, Erik Watkins, Jason Teasley and Randy Isbelle as they present their unique looks at the worlds of professional and college football, mixing a blend of statistical knowledge and a razor shape wit.

Tonight, we look to the future. The guys focus on their predictions for the winners of the three major CFB conferences playing this fall. They then go to year-end NFL award predictions. The show ends with the official playoff predictions from all four hosts as well as Sean Garmer chiming in.

That said, this episode has a few of the traditional Kickoff segments as well. I'm a Survivor returns, but Mama Said Knock You Out is delayed as Mama Watkins is out sick (we announce her pick though). Are You Serious returns as well with the first official predictions of the season (be careful picking Navy, Erik). Erik does get to run the news desk one last time as people get paid and Daniel Snyder is still an owner who should probably sell the team.

All that and much more when the Kickoff flushes away the preseason here on the W2M Network (available online at