E4: “Too much Philosophy, too much Joy Division, and too much Young Ones.”

A wide-ranging conversation about our current thinking and inclinations.

In this episode we discuss The British Virus, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and keeping things we do not need.  


Topics included:

Descending into the lava lamp lounge, Austin’s Epic Headphone Saga, we now live in the future, charging cables & earbuds & other crap we don’t need, devices, Orange Is The New Black, TV Talk, Black Adder, The Young Ones, “Okay, so, that kind of ’90s,” “I was that pretentious kid who wrote horrible poetry,” Austin’s Maggie & Hopey, The Alexie Sayle Wormhole, Austin mistaking “someone else” for Merlin Mann, cracked.com, burning video discs, Red Dwarf, Buffy & the DVD Menus, “this show did things to me,” Monty Python, Time Bandits, Austin mistaking Graham Chapman for Terry Gilliam, Python-splaining to the Internet, and forgetting to text instead of calling.