After meeting Eric Richter from Christie Front Drive through a friend in the early 2000s, I got to ask all the questions I had pent up since high school about the early days of Christie Front Drive touring and connecting with the likes of Mineral, Boys Life and Jimmy Eat World. I was always intrigued about that connection with Jimmy Eat World and after interviewing Jim Adkins for the podcast, I couldn't wait to get them both in a room. Schedules aligned this year and almost instinctively I stepped out of the way on this one. No need for questions when two friends get in the room. In this episode, you will hear Eric and Jim discuss how they did their first 7" together, the Capitol Records years for Jimmy Eat World and plenty of stories from the road. To be able to put this together and hear Eric and Jim wax poetic on the early days of their bands was a dream come true and a first for the podcast. 

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