The Department of Primary Industries in Western Australia says the citrus industry should prepare itself for potential trade restrictions, after citrus canker disease was found on three properties in WA's Kimberley

Kimberley grapefruit grower Lachlan Dobson is concerned about the possible closure of interstate markets for his grapefruit, which is about to be harvested

Demand for the little known fruit, the feijoa, has been non stop this year

For more than 120 years, Western Australia has had an inspector of livestock in the state's Goldfields. Bill Gorrie is the state's southern front-line of defence

As far as symbols of rural Australia go, the iconic windmill must be somewhere at the top of the list. Jim Sawyer, a farmer from Dalwallinu, about 250km north-east of Perth, has spent the last decade bringing old windmills back to life

A shortage of wool in China's supply chain has pushed the wool market into record territory again this week