The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says there are 'clear imbalances' in power between farmers, processors and supermarkets in the dairy industry in its report into the sector today

Australia's largest cattle exporter, Wellard Limited, is set for a restructure after a disastrous two years as a publicly listed company and Elders has announced it may sell its feedlot and abattoir in Indonesia

Apart from a few clover varieties, most pasture seeds should be widely available in Western Australia this season, even varieties that have previously been in short supply

This festive season might not be so merry for those in the pork industry; prices are likely to be low due to a glut of pork on the Australian market

Virulent Footrot has been found on some sheep at an abattoir in Western Australia's Great Southern region and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has issued biosecurity protocols

A professor of climate change studies says carbon offsets are more effective than using science to reduce methane emissions from cows as a way to make the livestock industry carbon neutral by 2030

Farmers north of Perth are being offered the opportunity to gain exposure to the valuable pastoral cattle industry without buying any cows or investing in stations as part of a process called "backgrounding"

Watheroo farmer Brad Millsteed and a group of his mates are expecting to raise $50,000 for 'Movember' this year in an effort to raise money for men's health and mental health