A Gascoyne seafood warehouse has turned to processing local fruit and vegetables to create pre-cooked meals and par-cooked vegetables for supply to nursing homes

AgriFutures Australia director Tony Hamilton says diversification works on his central New South Wales property because he investigated markets for the Central American fruit crop jojoba prior to growing large quantities

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development will soon start using kitchen microwaves to control gorse weed-seed banks and bulbs on the West Australian south coast

A Townsville microbiologist says it is concerning there has been a recent spike in the number of Queenslanders who have caught the debilitating disease Q Fever from mowing through animal droppings on their lawn

Manjimup grower Brad Ipsen has more than doubled his broccoli plantings from 45 to 100 hectares because he believes scale will improve market access

The State Government has announced its latest round of farm water supply grants and rebates for farmers to help with water audit and infrastructure costs

A new oat variety launched in South Australia will help those with blood cholesterol problems, the Kowari oat variety will also be high yielding and relatively disease resistant

National malt barley manufacturer Joe White is introducing new environmentally sustainable measures for its malt barley, its owner Cargill says global brewing companies are placing more emphasis on sustainable farming