One of the state's big milk processors Brownes has announced it is going to spend $10 million to re-open the Brunswick cheese factory in the state's south-west

The Supreme Court is going to decide who will take over the management of some of Quintis sandalwood plantations in WA's Kimberley

A banking grain market strategist is warning Australian grain farmers to get used to stiff competition from the Black Sea region

The National Paddock Survey has found some WA farms could get an extra tonne or even more per hectare from their grain paddocks

The twitter hashtag 'Save Moora College' was trending extremely well during the rally yesterday. Professor Tama Leaver from Curtin University said it is unusual for such a localised topic to trend nationally on twitter and it shows the rally was pretty well organised

The Indigenous Land Corporation is in charge of one of Australia's biggest cattle herds, with around 90,000 head spread out over 14 pastoral businesses. But in its new five year strategy, the ILC barely mentions beef, instead focusing on opportunities for its cattle stations to diversify

Vietnam is spending millions of dollars on two abattoir training facilities to improve the animal welfare standards of the Australian cattle being sent there

The University of Melbourne has found a debilitating disease resulting from common chemicals called multiple chemical sensitivity has risen by 300 per cent in the US in the last decade and the trend is similar in Australia