Amid growing calls for more work to be done to cut Australia's emissions, the Federal Government's green investment bank is today unveiling its first equity investment in the agricultural sector. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is teaming up with the Macquarie Group and the CSIRO to cut farming emissions and establish new efficiency standards

A Charles Sturt University researcher is calling for poultry welfare to be improved in Australia

A fair bit of work is being done in the northern wheatbelt to better understand how to keep feral pig numbers under control. In the Northampton region just north of Geraldton, the Northern Biosecurity group is working with the Department of Primary Industries

They have installed monitoring cameras, they're conducting infra-red drone surveys and earlier this week the project took to the skies, using a helicopter to conduct an aerial cull

2018 Nuffield scholar says Australian avocado growers need to become more efficient in their crop production by maximising yields and lengthening seasons

Indonesia looks set to start exporting mangoes to Australia, after a trade deal was finalised between the two nations last week in Melbourne