The ripple effect of the State Government moratorium on fracking across Western Australia has been felt almost immediately in the oil and and gas industry and WA-based company Whitebark Energy has begun relocating gas projects overseas

The West Australian Government says it is committed to creating a national park along the Fitzroy River in the Kimberley but while environmentalists and some traditional owners see the proposed park as a win, a growing number of cattle producers are unsure

Blueberries pair well with champagne or moscato, but for one of Western Australia's largest wine producers the combination of blueberries and wine has proven very profitable

Meat and Livestock Australia's latest lamb advertisement has been labelled as highly disrespectful to Hindus with members of the Australian Indian society saying that it ignores vegetarianism and teetotalling aspects of the faith

Tara De Landgrafft reports live from the Newdegate Machinery Field Day where she is catching up with some farmers to talk about how their season is faring after summer flooding

The West Australian pearling industry has today been given a significant tick of approval for its sustainability by being granted Marine Stewardship Certification