Brannigan 12/28/47

HAWK LARABEE was first heard 07/12/46 as HAWK DURANGO, the program soon changed its name to HAWK LARABEE and starred Barton Yarborough as Hawk. Barney Phillips played the sidekick role, Sombre Jones. Barton Yarborough also played the sidekick to Elliott Lewis' role of Hawk Larabee in a different version of this program. Last heard 02/07/48. Barton Yarborough (October 2, 1900 – December 19, 1951) in Texas, was an American actor born in Texas, and died in Pasadena of a heart attack. He worked extensively in radio drama, and was probably best known for his roles as Doc Long on Carlton E. Morse's "I Love a Mystery" and Sergeant Ben Romero on Dragnet. His other work includes the role of "Skip Turner" in Adventures by Morse, also by Carlton E. Morse. In the 1940s, appeared in "Hawk Larabee" radio show with another future "Dragnet" co-star, Barney Phillips. Yarborough ended his career playing Sgt. Ben Romero in the first (1951) season of television's Dragnet.