Learn about the future of composting on the 2015 season debut of What Doesn’t Kill You! Katy Keiffer is joined by the team behind FOR Solutions, the “sustainable answer to the food scraps management issue.” Their patented solution creates nutrient-dense compost in just 5 days. The mission of FOR Solutions is to change the way people perceive food scraps from thinking of them as waste to thinking of them as a renewable, recoverable natural resource that has the power to revitalize Earth’s soil. Food scraps management is truly the epitome of the sustainability movement. Katy chats with Founder & Executive Chairman, Nicholas Smith-Sebasto, Ph.D. and Chief Executive Officer, Edward Friedman who help listeners understand the technology behind FOR Solutions and some of the problems we face when it comes to composting in this country. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

“Our digestion vessel just mimics the human stomach. We can digest anything that humans can digest.” [07:00]

“We need to stop thinking of discarded food as waste. If we think of it as waste – we will treat it like waste.” [26:00]

–Nicholas Smith-Sebasto on What Doesn’t Kill You

“The first time I saw this system it was mind blowing and game changing. I thought if we could bring this system to places with large amounts of discarded food – the effect would be tremendous.” [11:00]

–Edward Friedman on What Doesn’t Kill You