Welcome to another episode of Straight, No Chaser! On this week’s installment, Katy Keiffer is talking with Raoul Baxter of R.J.B. World Wide, and formerly of Smithfield Foods Company. Today’s theme is the commercial meat industry; topics range from health regulation to growth promotion. Tune in to hear Katy and Raoul discuss the need for transparency in the beef industry, the phenomenon of ‘stress meat’, and the pink slime controversy. The discussion also touches on antibiotics in commercial cattle feed and ethanol production, as well as the need for the beef industry to turn a profit while considering public health. Will cuts to subsidies from The Farm Bill cause beef prices to rise? And is there a way to meet the demand for beef internationally without feeding cattle grain? Find out the answers on this week’s Straight, No Chaser! This program has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

“As you look at all the programs that go on, from different groups…it seems like you’re having a government convention at each plant everyday. The question becomes, ‘How much information do you need to make a decision [about beef safety]?'”

“Humanity and good business go hand in hand.”

“It’s the most difficult thing to do – raising cattle on grass.”

Raoul Baxter on Straight, No Chaser