Katy Keiffer rings in 2013 by talking about the upcoming season of Straight, No Chaser! Tune in to hear about recent studies on hydraulic fracturing, and how its methane byproducts make it no more environmentally sound than burning coal. Hear about nanotechnology in cosmetics and the food chain, and why the label of “generally regarded as safe” doesn’t actually mean that it’s safe. Katy talks about how she hopes to delve deeper into antibiotic use in food, and hear about her recent conversation with a physician concerning superbugs. Support local fisherman! Support local wineries! Listen to Straight, No Chaser in 2013! This episode has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

“Hydro-fracking releases 9% methane… The whole argument for hydraulic fracturing has gone out the window!” [2:00] — Katy Keiffer on Straight, No Chaser