What is nanotechnology? Find out with Heather Millar, an award-winning freelance magazine writer and author who has covered science, health, and technology for twenty years, contributing to magazines such as Sierra, Smithsonian, and The Atlantic. Tune in and learn how these microscopic particles could bring on the next industrial revolution. From solar panels to medicinal purposes to whitening agents in food – take a trip down the rabbithole in the world of nanoparticles and technology. Discover the potential health risks as well as the potential for good with this new frontier of science. This program was sponsored by Route 11 Potato Chips.

“The problem with nano technology is that it’s such an incredibly broad field. It’s described as being the next industrial revolution – it has the potential to revolutionize solar cells for solar power, medicine for diagnostics, pretty much anything you can imagine.” [4:00]

— Heather Millar on Straight, No Chaser