What can you expect from What Doesn’t Kill You in 2014? This week, Katy Keiffer starts the year off right by outlining the future of her program. Katy has a new time slot, but she’s still going to be delivering the best food safety and policy talk on the Internet today! Hear what topics Katy hopes to revisit in the new year, and why she hopes to spotlight new topics like GMOs, dietary supplements, and finfish aquaculture. What guests will return in 2014? Find out on this week’s edition of What Doesn’t Kill You! Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA.

“California is already anticipating a state of emergency regarding their water supply… the impact that will have on the livestock and agricultural industry is yet to be seen, but it’s only going to get drier and drier.” [21:35]

Katy Keiffer on What Doesn’t Kill You