Since we haven’t officially discussed it on the show we are going back and talking about Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite. And even though we disagree with the idea entirely, we pitch our own American remake of the film. It should be noted that we recorded this episode the night before it was actually announced that an American TV remake was in the works. And lastly, we have staff picks.

In news, Warner Brothers tries to predict what movies will succeed with an A.I.-driven film management program called Cinelytic, Terry Gilliam says some gross stuff about #MeToo, and there will allegedly be an LGBTQ characer in a Marvel movie “very soon.”

Staff Picks:

Ify – Green Room Alonso – 70s Sci-Fi on the Criterion Channel Drea – The Two Popes

With Ify NwadiweAlonso Duralde, and Drea Clark.