Todd’s Wild Idea: To take amazing pictures of waves and the athletes who ride them.

Todd Glaser is one of the most sought-after surf photographers in the world. As a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine since 2008, he’s earned more than a dozen covers. Today he takes photos on land and in the water with surfs stars like Kelly Slater, Jack Johnson, Rob Machado, and more.

Todd grew up in Solana Beach, California, competed as a body boarder, went to school for photography, and then immediately took his love of shooting his friends in the water, and turned it into a thriving career.

His work has appeared not only in sports publications like Surfer and Outside Magazine, but also in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. Most recently, Todd took photos for the latest Taylor Steele Movie, Proximity, and just came out with a photography book around it that he self-published, and is currently shipping from his mom’s garage.

Listen to this episode if: 

  • You love surfing.
  • You read surf and sport magazines.
  • You’re interested in photography and want to know how to take better photos.
  • You love being in the water.
  • You consider yourself a shy person.
  • You want to know how Todd can tread water for eight hours at a time.

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